Sunday, 29 September 2013


Oh! the infernal hell you go through in the name of articleship
Still better is the life of a cattle which walks in the fear of a whip
and whose freewill let me remind you, is only as free as the length of its rope
To rush through the coming years as an invisible is then your only hope

What chance do you have with this fat man who comes in his crisp black jacket
who pockets the money in his fat pocket
which you earned him for finishing in two days, a work of two months worth
and when he sees you are in a hurry to leave for home, calls you for a review-meeting and so forth

At the month end with great ceremony he will reward you with some change
Which had he given to an office boy would have earned him a black-eye  for his wit
'Fetch the mail and post these', 'type this fast and make photocopies of these',
'file them quick and stand on your head' he'll order and when you've done it still brand you unfit

And all this while there is a file in his safe
paper work similar to yours, enrolling his pink-cheeked daughter

who never once set her foot here at this place so unsafe
this place where they put to slaughter your distant dreams at laughter

About this pink cheeked daughter, she goes to a famous college
where the anti ragging rules protect her even from her peers
wherefrom everyday she returns home with a little more of knowledge

To her handsome peers she exclaims 'Oh, look how fat is my father!'
And boast she does of other fat men who walks in the company of her fat father

Sit and cry over these unfairness if you must, but rest assured no one will as much as offer you with a napkin
These fat and the fatter men in power will only fatten their own kin
They know all about arms length prices and section 40A(2)
but calling them reforms, they pass more inconveniencing rules impromptu
Oh! the infernal hell you go through in the name of articleship

You know better than to argue about these unjustness
But what about every May preceeded by a bank audit and November by tax audit
and a 'No' to your request, with all those rightful leave lying to your credit?
Or are they trivial too?

Goodness knows on what basis they made their calculations
and arrived upon three and a half years till you loose your patience
You then decide for your own good to bid this time in silence
Because upon completion of this term of oppression you can be a fat man
But please, to yourself pose this question must you a fat man become?

PS : This post has got nothing to do with my principal Unnichayan, who was much more than a mentor to me. My CA degree and the person that I've become is all thanks to him.


  1. I spit out my coffee laughing, LOL! I'm sure every CA intern will have a similar story to tell :-D

  2. hehe.. yeah every CA intern will have a similar story to tell...
    and even people who arent doing articleship but is just associated to them in someway will understand it. :-)))