Tuesday, 24 September 2013


When Yoda said "Do or do not, there is no Try", he didn't say anything that we didn't know already. He put into words the reason why the Jedi kept failing, a simple but harsh truth delivered in great style and hence the profound impact. Like young Skywalker, we use and sometimes abuse the term 'trying to do' whenever we are too lazy to bother doing it or put in more effort. Assuming this line of thought to be right, it then should be safe to make a statement like 'one is either in love or not in love, there is no middle stage', ergo, someone saying she is somewhere in between, must be understood as merely excusing herself, (but is it?)

There is this friend of mine who has been trying to get over a guy for the past five years, writes songs about him, really mopey songs and about unrequited love and declares often, that she was afraid she would not be able to love any other guy that way. In these past five long years we, myself and a few other friends of hers, have tried everything, talking sense into her, teasing and at times even shouting at her. Nothing seems to work. She is still trying to get over him, she says. If only, instead of obsessing over the rejection and being overly critical of her faults she would take some trouble to see the truly remarkable person that she is. Or if that's just too much to ask, learn to appreciate how she is one-of-a-kind-faulty-piece atleast!

To her and others like her out there, please, please, please get tired of trying and get over them already. Maybe this will help?... I know its hardly practical but hey, I thought it would be fun imagining doing all that! There is one thing though which can be done easily, flushing him down the loo the Jab we met way!

PS: a few lines that I can remember from one of her songs:
Tere bare mein jaanen ko mujhe aur kya ab hain bacha,
Tere hi khayalon mein mere subah shammein hain bhitha,
Par kaise mein jaanoo khi kya tujhe hain kabar meri pyaar ka
Ek ladki.. hain teri.. adaaon pe.. fida!
(Or something like that)

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