Sunday, 29 September 2013


Oh! the infernal hell you go through in the name of articleship
Still better is the life of a cattle which walks in the fear of a whip
and whose freewill let me remind you, is only as free as the length of its rope
To rush through the coming years as an invisible is then your only hope

What chance do you have with this fat man who comes in his crisp black jacket
who pockets the money in his fat pocket
which you earned him for finishing in two days, a work of two months worth
and when he sees you are in a hurry to leave for home, calls you for a review-meeting and so forth

At the month end with great ceremony he will reward you with some change
Which had he given to an office boy would have earned him a black-eye  for his wit
'Fetch the mail and post these', 'type this fast and make photocopies of these',
'file them quick and stand on your head' he'll order and when you've done it still brand you unfit

And all this while there is a file in his safe
paper work similar to yours, enrolling his pink-cheeked daughter

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


When Yoda said "Do or do not, there is no Try", he didn't say anything that we didn't know already. He put into words the reason why the Jedi kept failing, a simple but harsh truth delivered in great style and hence the profound impact. Like young Skywalker, we use and sometimes abuse the term 'trying to do' whenever we are too lazy to bother doing it or put in more effort. Assuming this line of thought to be right, it then should be safe to make a statement like 'one is either in love or not in love, there is no middle stage', ergo, someone saying she is somewhere in between, must be understood as merely excusing herself, (but is it?)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Sure, instilling good values and giving decent education to their child is what parenting is all about. Right. Right? You wish! Our Indian (especially the mallu*) parents take this job a little bit more seriously than that. Seeing to it that this child does not fall in love with anyone and then marrying her off to a perfect stranger with a reputed profession from some respectable family forms very much a vital part of their job. 


At school they taught me that all of us evolved from apes.
And at home, how God breathed life into a sand sculpture of Adam.

I chose to believe that I was a descendant of Adam. It was the first ever chance I got, to make a choice regarding family (You only get to choose your friends. Family, you are born into. Stuck with.) I could not picture an ape for a greatgranddaddy