Sunday, 15 June 2014


As soon as I decide "Susan Sajan, it's high time that you put all your focus into your studies", the whole universe starts its conspiracy toward Mission-Distracting-Susan. And it happens every single time, without fail. Recently about 3 months ago, after spending the appropriate number of days mourning over my results I'd made such a decision and to give my studies a kick start I went and joined a crash-course at Ernakulam. The plan was to put my most serious face forward, keep a low profile, attend it with utmost sincerity and return home with one subject less to prepare. And then the conspiracy hit me in the form of one Pramod and one Midhun. Till then everything was going on as per my plan i.e. I was able to follow most of what the faculty was teaching, my note taking was quite satisfactory and somehow suprisingly my usual tendency to sleep during the most important areas of the lecture was gone too and now and then, when I did get a little bored, before I could start the cycle of shitbored-chronicyawning-can'tstopfallingdeadonthedeskasleep, Jithu my old friend would make some wise crack about something and I'd get all fresh and back to being all attentive.