'Achayathified' is what you get, when you take a naive young super brat and put her in the land of Letters, Lake and Latex.
It's what you become, when you get born into one of them Syrian Christian families, living in remote peculiar lil rubber cultivation, whereat even the strange stretchy streams in their mysterious tones will tell you that you gotsta enjoy the flow, rather than wait to get to the wide still expanse at the end.
It's also what you end up being, when you are a bit jobless and shamelessly enjoying it!

Started initially by me, Susan after getting all excited working as the newsletter editor of the Kottayam branch of SICASA, it was originally intended to cover topics like love, religion, corruption and other sophisticated ideas, until my newly formed and rather stubborn alter ego K.A. took over, revamped and renamed it to what it is known as today - Achayathified. Now some of the posts (the ones by K.A.) may look like garbage to a third person, I know, but well I have to humour her for the time being coz she seems like she knows what she's doing...

Whether this change and our collaboration will prove to be for the better or not, only time will tell.

Till then,

Happy reading!

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