Thursday, 1 December 2016

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


THE TOAST (Teri keh ke lenge)

Dear Aswin,
I graced this earth one year before you did. That is perhaps the only event in which I stood ahead of you. And surprisingly, I had very little contribution in that mega event.
You quickly won the hearts of our sisters while I was busy thrashing them. You stood one step ahead.
In school you spent hours working hard while I got busy loitering the streets. You became the model student while I did time outside the Principal's office. You stood one step ahead. 
You topped the state in Class 10, becoming a perennial headache to cousins older and younger. You stood one step ahead and without knowing it pushed us all out of our comfort zones to strive for excellence. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


He'd been facebook stalking me for the past 4 months, he blurted out.
I rolled my eyes and told him that was too much information for our first coffee date.

I told him his smile was cute.
"Yeah, of that I am aware", he replied.

Later he declared his love for me.
"You mean lust?" I offered.

"Yeah", he shrugged, "But that doesn't sound very gentlemanly".
"Hmm... no, I guess not.
Fyi  I do too".

Saturday, 9 May 2015


Whoever came up with the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonades" was one lucky.. um.. Man! I mean if life throws at you rotten eggs or tomatoes, then you have a problem. With lemons, fresh ones, you have the option of making lemonades, lime pickles or use it as an all purpose cosmetic solution for tan, oily skin, dandruff and what not. Or like someone wise guy observed add salt and tequila to it!

Monday, 4 May 2015


Its too early for me to form an opinion about my work and workplace. But things are so cool over here that I just can't not write about it. My own job will be all finance related and I am likely to learn a lot of new work related things here. But that's not why I find the place cool. Being a publishing house I will be surrounded on all sides, at all times by highly spirited and creative people of all ages and sizes. There is also this humongous library with all sorts of books stacked up for the editors to refer and by all sorts I mean vanity magazines, the informational how-to books, the classics and the other day I even found a starwars storybook! Can you, seriously, believe my luck!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


      The fussy eater that I have grown up to be, I fit into my skinny jeans once again since the lent. Helloo sexy butt! But rather than joining in on my excitement everybody at home keep bombarding me all the time with sage words on how to fatten up and regain my lost healthy complexion which I never knew I had to begin with.

     I totally hate being tricked and bullied into doing something, but chech's promised me that all the guys are for sure going to turn me down coz of the sickly mess she claims I am beginning to look now... No offense to Phoebe, but I can't stand smelly cats, so aging into that old maid who lives in her smelly apartment with a dozen smelly cats is out of question. And if I am growing out of my skinny jeans I might as well do that in style. That's why against my better judgement I've decided on following up on fifty days of lent with fifty days of indulgence. So off I go, to cook me some real nice food and stuff my face with it.