Wednesday, 18 September 2013


At school they taught me that all of us evolved from apes.
And at home, how God breathed life into a sand sculpture of Adam.

I chose to believe that I was a descendant of Adam. It was the first ever chance I got, to make a choice regarding family (You only get to choose your friends. Family, you are born into. Stuck with.) I could not picture an ape for a greatgranddaddy
Thus the choice was easy. I gladly buy into a story where sand gets life, one bone from that life turns into a fine woman and all that, willing it all to be true. Some kind of child psychology, weird explanations- acceptable, but no explanation- not acceptable! Which is why later when I read Cain killed Abel, I refused to digest the rest of the story because they omitted writing down, with what miracle the parents and their one son managed to bring forth the following generations. Random guesses at an underlying incestuous plot, left out on purpose in a sacred text did nothing to re-establish my now fragile belief system.

Growing up, my school offers me a hundred-thousand scientific fact, which I embrace without a remark as its much easier to believe in science, evolution and opposable thumb. However I cannot explain to myself why I wont believe in devotees who swear to have experienced divine intervention in their lives (since now, I believe only in things supported by facts or what I've experienced first-hand,) while I won't distrust scientists who say earth rotates-on-its-axis and revolves-around-the-sun (even though I have not seen that first-hand either, or felt dizzy with all the action!)

Entering the real world, when faced with the harsh realities of life, where science can help only so much, I need a little courage to take that next step, a bit of hope of a better tomorrow, little faith; in myself mostly, but how can I trust myself to bring any change in the situation? So I shift the responsibility of bringing out the best in me to somebody else, but who? I need some supernatural, I name him God. Every God needs a  a story and a background, and I have one, where God breathed life into the first man- Adam.

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