Wednesday, 23 March 2016


THE TOAST (Teri keh ke lenge)

Dear Aswin,
I graced this earth one year before you did. That is perhaps the only event in which I stood ahead of you. And surprisingly, I had very little contribution in that mega event.
You quickly won the hearts of our sisters while I was busy thrashing them. You stood one step ahead.
In school you spent hours working hard while I got busy loitering the streets. You became the model student while I did time outside the Principal's office. You stood one step ahead. 
You topped the state in Class 10, becoming a perennial headache to cousins older and younger. You stood one step ahead and without knowing it pushed us all out of our comfort zones to strive for excellence. 

You got yourself trained in the mridangam and perfected it. You sang and sang till they bestowed you with trophies. On the other hand, I tried playing the guitar till my music teacher said,"Enough!" And I sang till my neighbours screamed, " Enough is enough!" You stood one step ahead.
As fate would have it, you and I joined college in the same year and even there, you passed out one year ahead of me. Again, one step ahead.
And today, you celebrate your wedding with the princess next to you, bypassing chronology and other such silly variables.
What I'm trying to say is, I've gotten used to you being ahead. And frankly, I don't mind. Because to be just one step behind the epitome of excellence means that I will end up having a fairly good, dignified life as well.

Coming to you Dear Susan,
We welcome you into our family which is huge and humorous, emotional and eccentric, intelligent and idiotic. We welcome you with open arms. You being a chartered accountant strikes a sentimental chord for many of us because the most revered man in our family, our grandfather, was a CA. You are assured of a soft corner in many of our hearts.
The day you said you were not sure of what to wear for your engagement and would probably turn up in jeans, that day you became my favourite sister-in-law. You shall remain so for a long while because technically, I'm out of choices.

Wishing you both a happy married life.


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