Monday, 4 May 2015


Its too early for me to form an opinion about my work and workplace. But things are so cool over here that I just can't not write about it. My own job will be all finance related and I am likely to learn a lot of new work related things here. But that's not why I find the place cool. Being a publishing house I will be surrounded on all sides, at all times by highly spirited and creative people of all ages and sizes. There is also this humongous library with all sorts of books stacked up for the editors to refer and by all sorts I mean vanity magazines, the informational how-to books, the classics and the other day I even found a starwars storybook! Can you, seriously, believe my luck!

"the starwars story book"

I haven't yet memorized all my colleagues' names, but I am familiar with all their faces now and they are always either rushing to the badminton court or to the playground during lunch-break and after office hours to perfect their game, coz we have 'houses' and inter-house competitions! It's like I being in school all over again! Sans the uniform. I almost forgot to mention that, there is no dress code I can wear whatever suits my mood each day. God, I am telling you, this whole deal is kind of making me look forward even to my Mondays!

PS: I know I am being immature. In time I should learn to hate my work and this place like all normal people.

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