Wednesday, 16 July 2014


  1. Got shifted to Kottayam.
  2. Cursed the place and all Achayan Achayathis from here.
  3. Got closer to some of my Achayan-cousins and learned to play cricket better from them.
  4. Watched a horror movie in full (Jeepers Creepers), with them my cousins. Begged my sister to let me sleep in her room for the next few days.
  5. Taught my younger sister to cycle.
  6. Went on a cycling trip with her and after watching her come down the slope loosing balance, head straight for the gutter, realised that I forgot to mention the use of Brakes.
  7. Watched many more horror movies and learned how to laugh about it.
  8. Friended my awesome buddy Diana the dynamite.
  9. Lost touch with her slowly after the reshuffling in 9th std.
  10. Got into awkward moments with parents when watching the wrong T.V.shows and them checking on us at the wrongest moments.
  11. Became a guide, learned how to pitch a tent, cooking and first-aid. Survival 101.
  12. Got myself into the weird group which used to come to the front of the class and give the "ooh la la loo la" dance performance during the free periods. (They used to dance, not I, in 8th, I joined their group in 9th after the reshuffling)
  13. Friended my silent singer bff, U.J. for life.
  14. Learned the art of studying from this group after noting that reading the textbooks like a novel was not how they did it over here.
  15. Learned the game of dodgeball from them.
  16. Sucked at it.
  17. After friends, chose my adversaries even more wisely, (In my head, without them knowing about it) like the buddha look-alike guy who claimed to have read Shakespeare as a hobby (when we were still in 9th. Imagine. Nerd!) and his friend who could keep his smile on 24x7
  18. Resolved to read great books like him, get good in sports, also study my daily portion from school. And to smile always.
  19. Then promptly forgot to take action.
  20. Watched my fighter godmother/grandmother who'd totally kicked her cancer's ass now losing the battle to her liver coz of the cirrhosis.
  21. Chose Sanskrit as my second language. Learned by rote countless grammar tables.
  22. Started liking this place a little better.
  23. Got asked everyday whether Alice Madam had come or was on leave. (Alice Madam=My mother equal to their maths teacher)
  24. Got mixed feelings about being the person who got to deliver the news when my mom was on sick leave whenever I'd see the excitement in their faces.
  25. Listened to all the gossips and rumours about the dating and flirting scenario within our class, from the group with the statutory warning 'don't go and repeat it to your mother'.
  26. Tried not to get offended by the statutory warning each time.
  27. Started getting pimples. Dayum!
  28. Right on top of my big fat nose. 
  29. Kept my mouth shut most of the time so that nobody would find how uncool I really was and then kick me out of the group.
  30. Cleaned my belly button everyday and planned to get it pierced secretly someday.
  31. Did a lot of sleepovers and pagalpanthi with U.J. in the name of Sanskrit combined study.
  32. Resolved not to go for entrance coaching after seeing the size of my sister's reference books.
  33. Totally scored in the Board exam and chose Commerce group along with U.J. (I am still paying for that one wrong choice I made in my life)
  34. Continued combined study sessions with U.J., this time for accounts. 
  35. Stopped doing homeworks altogether after getting into 11th.
  36. Got lectured by the teachers everyday for the same.
  37. Still somehow managed to remain some of their pet.
  38. Did my first business with my classmates for getting school belts for everyone.
  39. Got us the belts, but lost even the capital contribution of the business.
  40. Ditched the belly button piercing idea.
  41. Started making designs for a tattoo instead.
  42. Started Googling.
  43. Googled how to be awesome.
  44. Found articles about using 'humour/ self depreciating humour', to seem awesome.
  45. Made an ass out of myself trying.
  46. Googled how to regain lost social image.
  47. Learned to drive our old fiat premiere padmini.
  48. Accidently became the head girl of the school.
  49. Scared the shit out of random juniors who'd roam about the corridors in their free periods with my blue school leader badge.
  50. Gave my 12th Board exams, attended the farewell, rented and binge watched some 50 films from the CD shop nearby till the results and has been trying to work on all those promises we made to keep in touch.


  1. Yo.....(Y) seems there was no lyf after +2.... Hihi :D

  2. itz easy after sometime... For me itz lyk..

    58. Joined CA :-)

    59. Wrote CA Exam... ;-)

    60. Wrote CA Exam...:l

    61. Wrote CA Exam...:-/

    62. Again :-S

    63. Again :@