Tuesday, 22 April 2014



When I was born, Chech was having a nice 'me-time' (getting thoroughly spoilt and having her favorite yellow gems, I suppose) here at my grandparent's place in Kottayam and showed up with them at the hospital, like some casual visitor to see me.

This is how our first meeting went...
Chech (in her hoity-toity tone): "Chechiya!" - Hi! I am your elder sister!
"UKG-A yil padikua!" - Studying in UKG-A!
"Ist Rank'aa!" - I am the Ist ranker!
I have a feeling that was followed by collective "Aaaww...!'s"
and that-was-a-smart-&-mature-thing-to-say looks by everyone, i.e. everyone except me,
I just lay there scrunching up my eyes tight in revolt, thinking "stop talking about yourself, will you? Its my birthday and it should be all about me..."
"What..? you call that a welcome address? Chi..! I am not going to open my eyes or acknowledge your presence unless you start treating me the right way."
It wasn't until after 4 or 5 months, eyes shut like that for most parts of the day, that I realised nobody knew or cared what was going on in my head and it was in my best interest to give up on my ego.



With Baby in the house,  Amma no longer had the time to sing the "Pattu padi..urakkam's"  and so had put Appa in charge with a new bed time story routine to put me to sleep. It didn't matter whether I 'behaved' the whole day or that I too smelled quite Johnson&Johnsonsey as I would liberally borrow Baby's powder whenever it was within my hand's reach or the fact that I didn't need a nappy change every few hours, that Pest had managed to get Amma wrapped around her pinky finger.

So one day after dinner when it was nearing my bed-time, when
I saw Baby sleeping peacefully in her craddle, I walked up to her and after about 10 seconds of serious contemplation I gave her one good pinch (No prizes for taking a correct guess at whether my serious contemplation went like, "you take that... that's for stealing my spotlight..." or like "that's for giving my sweet loving mother a tough time..")

I had no idea Amma was standing behind me all the while. I think that was when I got my first minor heart attack, when I sensed a movement behind me and saw Amma flying toward the cradle even before Baby could start crying.
"No No...it couldn't be...she must've just come to the room now..she couldn't have seen.." "Quick, quick, quick, girl!..think something up! fast...! before Amma suspects you.."
So I go "Why are you crying? Stop crying.." acting all innocent.
"Genius! what a display of crooked creativity for a 3 year old!
"Enough..." Amma said, "I SAW THAT" in a stern I-don't-approve-of-this-lying-of yours tone.
"Disaster! What now?"
before she could get another word out I fled, calling "Appa, I am sleepy... tell me that Fox's story...please....."

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